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Radiator Covers

Our radiator covers gives the best of both worlds, better efficiency and great looks! We manufacture a range of designs to compliments your interior style.

Style and Quality

Our radiator covers offer a perfect solution to conceal old and unattractive radiators or simply to add style to your home. We manufacture our raditor covers in our own factory where they can be made-tomeasure in a wide variety of styles, colours and finishes to suit your interior style.

High Efficiency Design

Our radiator covers are different. Old style covers often blocked the heat from enetering the room and had to have holes cut or fretwork panels to allow the heat to escape. Our radiator covers are made differently with a special reflective lining which improves their efficiency by at least 20%, mimising the amount of holes required therfore giving more design options.

Our unique design use a special reflective lining which improves efficiency by at least 20%

Radiator covers heatflow diagram Radiator cover designs