Our range of Fireplaces - Traditional

Be it the timeless quality of stone, granite, and marble or the warm hues of natural timber, Focal Point offer you a wealth of choice in our classic and traditional range of fireplaces to suit gas, electric or solid fuel. Many of these can be made to suit your individual size requirements, please contact us to find out more.

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  • Abbey Fireplace

    Abbey Fireplace

  • Ailis Suite Alpine White

    Ailis Suite Alpine White

  • Albany Mantel

    Albany Mantel

  • Alloway Mantel

    Alloway Mantel

  • Ambassador Fireplace Limestone

    Ambassador Fireplace Limestone

  • Arisaig Mantel

    Arisaig Mantel

  • Ashleigh Mantel

    Ashleigh Mantel

  • Asquith Mantel in Agean Limestone

    Asquith Mantel in Agean Limestone

  • Balmoral Fireplace Limestone

    Balmoral Fireplace Limestone

  • Bartello Mantel In Agean Limestone

    Bartello Mantel In Agean Limestone

  • Benajil Fireplace Limestone

    Benajil Fireplace Limestone

  • Blairquhan Fireplace

    Blairquhan Fireplace

  • Brompton 51

    Brompton 51

  • Brompton 56

    Brompton 56

  • Brompton 56

    Brompton 56

  • Carnegie Fireplace

    Carnegie Fireplace

  • Carrick Fireplace

    Carrick Fireplace

  • Cavendish Bolection Mantel

    Cavendish Bolection Mantel

  • Chesney's Alhambra fireplace

    Chesney's Alhambra fireplace

  • Chesney's Clarendon Bolection Frame

    Chesney's Clarendon Bolection Frame


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