Our range of Electric Fires

Electric fires have come a long way over the years. Customers now have a much wider range of traditional and contemporary fire styles and flame effects to choose from than in the past, making electric a popular choice for many. Electric fires can give up to 2kw of heat output and most have thermostat controls and the option of a hand-held remote. We only deal with the leading electric fire manufacturers such as Dimplex, Dru and Legend to ensure quality for all our customers.

We also offer a full installation service with satisfaction guaranteed! The pictures we have shown represent only a small selection of the electric fires we offer so please contact us if you don't see what you're looking for.

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  • Dimplex Adagio

    Dimplex Adagio

  • Dimplex Aspen

    Dimplex Aspen

  • Dimplex Bach

    Dimplex Bach

  • Dimplex Bizet

    Dimplex Bizet

  • Dimplex Castillo

    Dimplex Castillo

  • Dimplex Danesbury

    Dimplex Danesbury

  • Dimplex Danville

    Dimplex Danville

  • Dimplex Delius

    Dimplex Delius

  • Dimplex Exbury Polished Brass

    Dimplex Exbury Polished Brass

  • Dimplex Freeport

    Dimplex Freeport

  • Dimplex Loxley Polished Brass

    Dimplex Loxley Polished Brass

  • Dimplex Montclair

    Dimplex Montclair

  • Dimplex Sacramento

    Dimplex Sacramento

  • Dimplex Tahoe

    Dimplex Tahoe

  • Dimplex Whitmore

    Dimplex Whitmore

  • Dimplex Wynford

    Dimplex Wynford

  • Dimplex X1

    Dimplex X1

  • Evonics Londa

    Evonics Londa

  • Evonics Scala

    Evonics Scala

  • Focal Point Utopia Suite

    Focal Point Utopia Suite


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