200 Multi-fuel Stove by Esse

The Esse 200 Multi-fuel Stove is a high-performance steel and cast iron stove, with an unrivaled heat output of 8kW. The Esse 200 is elegantly simple, with fantastic fuel-efficiency, developed with precision engineering.

The Esse 200 was the first stove to use Afterburn technology, providing outstanding heat, clear window views and intricate flame patterns.
The Esse Multi Fuel stove can burn a combination of wood and other solid fuel types.

Esse stoves are designed and built in the UK.


  • Suitable for overnight burning
    Pre-heated secondary airwash system
  • Afterburn system for outstanding heat control
  • Steel and cast iron stove body construction
  • 8Kw heat output
  • Top or rear flue outlet

Esse 200 Multi-fuel Stove