Studio 2 Duplex by Gazco

Gas Fire with Vermiculite Lining and Bauhaus frame.

One of the latest exciting additions to the Gazco Studio gas fires range is the Studio 2 Duplex – offering unrivalled flame pictures in two rooms at once! Available in the Studio 2 size, this dual space gas fire is a much desired solution in having the best of both worlds. With a wealth of frame options to choose from, the Studio 2 Duplex gas fire can be styled completely independently on either side to maximise the potential of your own decorative tastes.

To further enhance the many styling options, the double-sided Duplex gas fire offers the additional choice of two firebox linings; contemporary vermiculite or timeless black reeded – both of which offer a unique and distinctly different look for your Duplex fire. Sporting a stunning hand-painted, log-effect fuel bed complete with subtle glowing ember bed and giving a high efficiency rating of up to 82%, the Studio 2 Duplex gas fire not only provides an impressive visual focal point in two rooms, it also produces an impressive 7.9kW heat output.

Brand:  Gazco
Heat Output:  7.9kW
High Efficiency:  82%
Balanced Flue connection:  Yes
Conventional Flue:  No
Choice of linings:  Vermiculite and Black Reeded
Realistic log-effect:  As Standard
Realistic Glowing embers:  As Standard
Frame styles:  Edge, Bauhaus, Profil, Steel 2, Expression, Verve, Glass

Gazco Studio 2 Duplex