Eclipse 100 Edge by Gazco

Gas Fire with Ledgestone Lining.

Installed as a frameless ‘Edge’, the Eclipse 100 gas fire can create a breathtaking hole-in-the-wall focal point that lets the enticing flame picture take centre stage – perfect for any interior. With the tall, eager flames dancing through the wonderfully realistic log-effect fuel bed, the Eclipse 100 Edge is a statement in itself.

Also available is the Expression, Verve XS and Icon XS frame to give more flexibility to the design and aesthetic of the finish.

The Eclipse 100 gas fire comes with a Programmable thermostatic remote control to give you complete control over your fire.

Brand Gazco
Fuel Bed Logs
Linings Black Reeded Lining, Ledgestone Lining
Command Controls Programmable Thermostatic remote control
Balanced Flue  Yes
Conventional Flue  No

Heat Output: 9.35kW

Efficiency: 85%





Eclipse-edge-2 with Ledgestone